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DVAN SmartLines App


Available on Bloomberg, Optuma, and MultiCharts. DVAN SmartLines App and related products brings the power of the DVAN moneyflow methodology to your preferred trading platform for enhanced trading and investment decision-making

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DVAN Analytics


Strategy development, customization, and licensing DVAN's quantitative models and investment products for a variety of asset classes and strategy objectives

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DVAN Products & Services


Since 1989, Divergence Analysis Inc (DVAN) has advised private and institutional money managers using its proprietary moneyflow methodology to interpret markets. Jim Kennedy, founder and CEO, developed the methodology after a decade of studying the technical and quantitative nature of financial markets and an early career in the brokerage and wealth management industry.  Jim noticed the lag effect from technical analysis techniques and set out to develop a better, more systematic approach to market evaluation and trade execution.  Jim developed his moneyflow methodology, incorporating volume and other inputs to identify leading indications of market trend and directional change.

DVAN serves clients through its 2 subsidiaries: DVAN Apps, and DVAN Analytics. Its flagship app product, DVAN SmartLines, is available to traders and investment managers on the Bloomberg, Optuma, and MultiCharts financial platforms. DVAN also provides institutional clients with strategy development and licensing, risk management, and portfolio/investment decision support.

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