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Divergence Analysis Data

Divergence Analysis provides institutional managers with equity market data, signals. and research at the index, sector, and security level using its proprietary research since 1989.

Risk On/Off Index, Sector, Security          Portfolio Analytics          Long Equity Signals

Hedge Ratio,Exposure          Sector Rankings/Off Index, Sector, Security          Portfolio Analytics          Long Equity Signals

Risk On/Off
Index, Sector, Security/Off

Risk On/Off Signals at the index, sector, and security level allow managers to make top-down or bottom-up decisions and filter portfolio/watchlists for actionable risk signals. Risk On/Off Signals track signal P&L and duration.

Portfolio Analytics on any portfolio of domestic or international equities, commodities/futures, currencies, or indices on daily, weekly, and monthly intervals. Our analytics template includes trend cycle, divergence, support/resistance, and key levels for active management and timing of portfolio decisions.

Portfolio Analytics
Long Equity Signals

Long Equity Signals provide active managers with long-only signals for any domestic or global equity universe on monthly intervals. Signals search for equity securities with high reward/risk profiles based on a proprietary methodology focused on identifying major points of trend inflection. Portfolio updated monthly with new entries/exits.

Hedge Ratio, Exposure provides hedge fund managers and other equity hedgers a monthly hedge ratio and net exposure recommendation. 

Hedge Ratio, Exposure
Sector Rankings

Sector Rankings analyzes the major US equity sectors and provides rankings and exposure recommendations for making weighting decisions in portfolios.

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